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Why Subscribe to PigPog?

  • It’s a way of supporting us, and helping us to keep PigPog going.
  • You get access to the site with no ads. All of the advertising will vanish for a small payment.

The lack of advertising on the pages makes the site faster for you to get around, and takes away any distractions, so you can really enjoy the warm fuzzy feeling you get from knowing you’ve helped us out, and you’re supporting us in what we’re doing here.

The Future

We aim to do more special things for subscribers in the future. Prices may go up a little if we do, but we always want to keep it cheap. We’re getting arrogant enough to think that someone might want to pay a little for what we’re offering, but we’re not arrogant enough to think anyone might want to pay much 😉


How Much?

A PigPog subscription is just $2 a month.


At the moment, subscriptions are only available through PayPal, using this button…

As long as you signed up to PigPog and to PayPal with the same email address, you should be made a subscriber automatically and instantly. Refresh some pages and watch the ads vanish! If you used different email addresses, or for any other reason you don’t get your subscriber status, let us know and we’ll soon put it all right for you.

If you’re signed in to PigPog, you should see your username in the top black section – if you’re not logged in, you’ll see “Log In” and “Register” instead.

(If you want to subscribe, and can’t use PayPal for some reason, do let us know, and we’ll see if we can work something out.)


If you have any problems with this process, please let us know. Your subscription should be activated automatically as soon as you pay, but if there’s a problem, we can easily activate it manually.


Oh, you don’t want to do that.

Well, if you do, you can cancel at any time through PayPal, so you’re always in control. To make things easier, you can also come back here and use this button to cancel…

…but we’ll be sad 🙁