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Update2: …and he’s done it again – StreamerNet icon tidy up. This one is a bit different, because they already had some fairly busy-looking icons that they liked, but wanted tidying up a bit. Not Mike’s usual style, but he’s done a great job of working on them, and the end result looks good. Thanks again for sharing the process, Mike!

Update: Mike has done it again – same sort of thing for his design for HoudahSpot. Mmm, that combination of leather and optics certainly has something going for it. Again, he’s shared some insights into the steps and process of designing, including some initial pencil sketches from the early stages, when what matters is getting the ideas down quickly.

(Original post from 2006-04-02…)

Mike Rohde has written an interesting post about how he came up with the idea for the icon he designed for a new RSS reader, endo. He hasn’t covered the actual drawing steps in any sort of detail – this is about how he came up with the idea, from initial sketches and scribbles, through to the final polished icon – an insight into the thinking side, rather than the mechanics of actually creating the finished file.

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