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O’Reilly: A Week In The Valley: Meebo.

Inspired me to sign up and have a go, and it’s pretty good. I can’t stand the idea of having multiple clients running, and I’ve found Yahoo! Messenger to be quite unstable anyway. GAIM isn’t bad at all, but not good – new version is due soon, which might shake things up a bit more. Trillian isn’t bad, actually. I used it for a while.

In the end, though, I just don’t use IM that much, so I tend to just forget to run the client – especially if it gets win the way with reconnections. Trillian tended to hang the machine when the connection dropped. It would come back ok after a few seconds, but it was more annoyance than any actual use I get out of IM. GAIM jumps up and grabs focus as it reconnects, interrupting what I’m doing. It’s annoying enough that Windows insists on doing that every time the connection drops, without adding an IM client into the mix too.

Meebo just sits in a browser, so it’s not a great client, but it doesn’t get in the way either, which might be enough to keep me using it.

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