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Verizon blocks the ability to transfer files into the audio folder of Verizon-purchased RAZRs. Supposedly this is done to prevent consumers from creating and transferring their own ringtones to phone and forcing Verizon users to download ungodly expensive ringtones directly from Verizon.

(Nothing much to see here. I’m expermenting with the idea of blogging lots of stuff that I’d normally just bookmark or note down in case it turned out to be relevant to something later. I’ve had a list I’ve called Compost for a long time – all sorts of ideas, thoughts, URLs, quotes, etc. The idea is that it can all be sifted through later, and composted down into articles. For a long time, it’s been in a personal wiki, but recently I’ve been playing with Emacs more for the same thing. Now I’m thinking of just blogging all this stuff, and finding it later with tags and searches. Might work, might not, but the only way to find out is by trying it. None of this stuff will appear on the front page, just in my personal blog, which never had much posted in it anyway.)

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