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There’s a new beta of Firefox out. The earlier alpha release of this one was very good – I blogged about it, and kept using it for quite a while. I only switched back when an extension refused to work with the alpha.

Anyway, I tried this new one the other day, used the nightly tester tools to get the extensions working, and it crashed within a few minutes of getting it going. So it came straight back off again.

Having read a bit more about it on Lifehacker, I might have to give it another try. I’d put all of my extensions back on, including some that replicate functionality that it now has built in – that could well have been causing it some trouble.

Some useful new features, though – automatic saving of sessions and restoring of crashed sessions, spellchecking in text fields, re-opening of closed tabs, and one-click subscribing through Blogines.

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