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Gawker Media, the people behind some of the most successful sites on the Internet, like Lifehacker (especially if success is measured by how much of their content is nicked, er, I mean linked, by us) and Gizmodo, have come up with an unusual idea for what to do with their spare advertising capacity.

If they don’t sell enough ads, they use the spare capacity to give publicity to artists, though a scheme they call Gawker Artists. If you’re an artist looking for a bit more exposure, you can submit some info and appropriately-sized images, and they might promote you too.

If you’re not, just flick through the work on display. In typical Gawker style, they’ve got some interesting and unusual work on display. It’s certainly good to see some thought being put into how to make use of those spare shapes. I’d never have noticed if it wasn’t for wanting to give the new Firefox beta a fair trial without any extensions installed – for once, I’m glad to be without AdBlock for a while.

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