No idea if it’s available outside the UK, and even here, it’s an exclusive to Woolworths stores, but it’s an interesting idea. If it goes well, I’d imagine others will soon follow. Looks like the laptop lid has a removable panel, which you can replace, like the old Nokia ‘Express-on’ covers. You can choose replacements from their web site, but the clever part is that you can also design your own, uploading your own picture to make a cover from.

The only real downside of it is that the covers are fairly expensive, at 50 euros each. Somehow, that seems worse, because the computer itself is fairly cheap, but perhaps it’s better to look at it as a more personal and creative option than spending more for a slightly faster processor that you’ll rarely notice.

Real geeks just cover their laptops in giveaway stickers from Web 2.0 companies, most of which have since gone out of business or been bought by Yahoo!, but at least there’s an option for the rest of us now.