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After all the recent problems, I’ve figured we’d better start keeping our own backups of PigPog a bit more up to date. What I’ve managed to do so far is make a PHP page that runs a tar command to take a copy of the database, as a .tar.gz file, and dumps it somewhere ready for downloading. The full Drupal database for PigPog runs at around 100Mb. Once it’s copied to another database, without all the working space, and with the cache cleared, it’s around 30Mb. Chucked into a GZip’d tar file, it turns out to be under 8Mb – small enough to download easily enough even over a modem. Apart from the images and attached files, the actual files that make up PigPog (Drupal and its modules, mainly), come out at under 800kb – a very easy download – and they don’t change often anyway.

So, at least if we end up losing a big chunk of time now, we should be able to restore something more up to date ourselves.

If I can work out how to copy the database in PHP as well, I should be able to automate more of the process, which will save a bit more time. At the moment, it takes me about five minutes to prepare everything, then set the download going. The download itself takes around 45 minutes, but that part doesn’t involve me having to do anything. With broadband, we could probably do the whole thing in about ten minutes.

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