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Update: Sorry again. After staying up for less than two days, it all fell over again, and we’ve lost another two days of work. I’m in the midst of replacing the articles now as best I can from the copies Bloglines has cached. It works as a pretty decent backup in an emergency 😉 Unfortunately, we’d got some new users signed up, and a whole lot of comments too, and those are all gone. Please sign up again if we’ve lost you, and I’m really sorry about the comments.

The most annoying thing this time is that although the server was down, and has clearly been restored from a two day old backup, our hosts insist that there wasn’t a problem with it at all, and I just needed to clear my cache. I’m not happy right now, but at least it’s up and running again for now. I wonder how long it will last this time.

Sorry about all the down time during the last day. Still not quite sure what went wrong in the first place, but I gather backups were problematic, and there were configuration problems left over after everything else was brought back. We’re still not quite there – our email is still down, but that should be sorted out soon (hopefully) – but the site should all be ok again now.

Any problems you spot, please let us know in the comments.

For RSS users, I’m afraid the site got restored to a backup from a month ago for a while, and if you happened to grab the feeds in that time, you’ll have got a whole mass of ‘new’ items (Bloglines certainly did), and then probably got another mass of items when it all came back correctly. Sorry about that – we really hope it won’t happen again.

Yesterday felt like a bit of a rollercoaster. We woke up to find that our friend Chris had posted about our Improve Your Writing article on Lifehack.org, which got enough attention to put it right at the top of the del.icio.us popular list, where we stayed for a few hours. By the end of the morning, that post alone had been read over four thousand times in 24 hours. We were having more traffic than we’d ever had before.

By the end of the day, the site was completely down, and I sat up until 06:15 fretting and poking our hosts to make sure it came back ok. I went to bed once it was back, but it then keeled over again shortly after, and stayed flat out for a while longer.

So now we’re busy pushing all the content up that we’d got stacked waiting to go – mainly just little bits and links in my blog.