It’s been two days now since I installed Firefox 2.0 beta 1, so how’s it behaving?

Quite well, I’d say. I’ve not had a crash yet, so the same instance that I ran after installing it is still running. It’s not been closed at all in two days. Memory usage is high, at over 200Mb, but it drops to under 20Mb when minimised, then climbs steadily again. It still feels snappy, though, and doesn’t seem to be holding other apps up the way 1.5 used to.

Two days isn’t a long time for a single instance of Firefox to be running for me, though, so it could still get worse with time, but my impressions are all good so far. I’ve not tried out the crash recovery yet, so I’ve no idea yet if I’ll end up losing lots of open work if it crashes and dies, and the function to reopen closed tabs doesn’t appear to work at all yet. For a beta release, though, it’s looking very good.