Over at Squee Central, otherwise known as Guitar Pr0n, we’re helping our favourite leather-clad long-haired rock god celebrate his 41st birthday. LadyMercury, she of the astounding wit and way with words, says:

Tomorrow will be the day that a certain someone was born.

This certain someone is a Rock God of the highest calibre, and a riff-meister what rocked some of the best riffs on the planet.

He’s been in two of the Greatest Rock Bands EVER in his eventful life. He’s hailed by many to be one of the last great rock outlaws. His story has it all: from humble beginnings to rock excess, falling into hell and clawing back up, and finally emerging as a husband, father of two and all-round Rock Hero.

And he did all this with that big mop of hair he has.

…I think I gave it away, didn’t I? Ah well.

So, from the girls at GuitarPr0n and the entire PigPog network, here’s wishing Mr. Saul “Slash” Hudson a happy 41st birthday. May you continue to be the swearing, chain-smoking guitar hero what inspired our little corner on the Internet!

[image:2177 size=small]

Birthday greetings from his fans at All Things Considered Slash!

Happy Birthday, Slash!