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The last time I had anything much to do with DJs, records were just starting to become difficult to get hold of, and the DJs were all upset about it. They didn’t like CDs, and the Technics SL1200 and SL1210 ruled. Still, they probably got over it. Parts of the lighting rig were what the manufacturers liked to call “semi-intelligent”, and they were smarter than most of the DJs.

Anyway, a lot of DJs never did get over it, and now CDs are being replaced by iPods and USB drives full of MP3s, and they would still prefer an SL1210. Numark are trying to change that, and they’re starting to get quite impressive in their attempts.

This one has a USB port at the back for your iPod or USB hard drive, which it will grab your music from, and even two USB ports at the front. you can plug a keyboard into it to make searching for tracks faster, and it’ll draw nice little waveforms on the screen for you to do your beat mixing or whatever it is that DJs do.

Attempting to beat mix Metallica can get you injured, as some DJs I’ve known have learned the hard way.

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