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Bob Ross is famous for his Joy of Painting line of painting tutorial videos, though admittedly, it’s more for his voice and presentation than for the real learning value.

That’s not to say that there’s any lack of learning value, but that slow, deep voice, that huge afro, and all those “happy little trees” added up to one of the most potent relaxants around.

YouTube user MadChonzer has posted a collection of Bob Ross’ Joy of Painting videos for all to enjoy. No idea how long they’ll last – I doubt he has permission of the copyright holder, so if they step up and complain, YouTube will soon remove them…

  • MadChonzer’s YouTube Videos – there doesn’t seem to be a way to link to just the Bob Ross ones, but they’re not too hard to find from here.
  • KeepVid – lets you download YouTube videos to enjoy at your leisure. Go to the video’s page in YouTube, copy the URL, and paste it into KeepVid. Once it gives you the download link, right click it and download it. The result always seems to come down with the wrong name, so rename the file to a .flv file.
  • VLC Player – the best video player around for playing FLV files. Available for Windows, Mac and Linux.
  • (Found via Boing Boing, because I somehow managed to miss it at Cute Overload.)

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2 thoughts on “Bob Ross – Joy of Painting Videos

  1. Bob Ross brought so much joy in my life as a late bloomer 72 but with his special way I coul paint!!! Will foreever be very thankfull

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