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Java-based RSS reader BlogBridge has just released a new version. I used BlogBridge for a while, and it’s the only desktop reader I found that I could really live with. The only thing that completely stopped me in the end was that it didn’t seem to be possible to set it not to automatically update feeds. I really only want feeds checking when I tell it to check feeds.

You could set it to offline, which would stop it checking anything at all, but then you had to turn it online again to check any feeds – at which point, it would check all of them, because they were overdue. Probably not a problem when you’re on a broadband connection, but it made it totally unusable after a while for me.

This may all have changed now, though, so I’ll probably have to have another go. Even if it hasn’t, it’s still one of the best readers out there.

Me, I’m back to Bloglines for now at least.

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