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Update: another post, another small clue, added at the bottom of the post…

You’ve got to read between the lines somewhat from Robert Scoble’s post on Windows Vista, but it sounds to me like he’s got some inside info that Apple are going to announce the long-rumoured Mac Tablet next week.

And the Tablet PC, Speech Recognition, and Media Center stuff that’s in there is WORLDS ahead of Apple. Although watch Apple in a week. Hint hint.

From this statement, it could be any one or more of these things that he’s heard about. They’ve already done part of the Media Center stuff, with Front Row, and remote controls bundled, so that wouldn’t be a huge jump for them. Speech recognition hasn’t been something that has excited Robert before. The tablet really has, though.

Oh, and I’m gonna run Vista on my Mac if they come out with what I hear they are gonna come out with next week.

Why Vista? Well, with Windows XP, you can’t buy the tablet edition – you have to get it pre-installed on a tablet. I’m sure Robert could get hold of the developer’s installation, but he probably wouldn’t do that, as it wouldn’t be strictly in line with the licensing, and I don’t think he’d break the rules like that. Or at least wouldn’t publicly talk about it. Vista, though, will come with all the tablet features in it already. So, if you had a tablet Mac, you might be able to use Boot Camp to get it running Windows Vista as a Tablet PC.

Now that sounds like something that would appeal to Robert.

Having said that, I think Vista will also include the Media Center bits, so it could also be that. Personally, I’m hoping for the tablet. An Apple media center would be a cute thing, but an Apple Mac Tablet would be very cool.

Update: More clues – in a later post, Robert mentions…

Apple is really positioned well to take over the consumer marketplace.

That sounds to me more like a Media Center than a Tablet. I guess that would be a much easier option. But hey, they tend to surprise everyone at times, so maybe they’ve got both lined up?

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