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Wired Magazine’s current feature, Enter the New Age of DIY makes for a whole lot of good reading. It reads like a nicely varied (and slightly geeky) Trade Secrets article.

There’s tips on…

  • Playing…
    • Taking great photos: “Don’t worry about framing the perfect shot while the camera is in your hand. Keep moving, getting as many angles and moods as possible. Click fast and often.”
    • Enjoying your music: “Even Paris Hilton needs a few drinks before she’s ready for a dance-off, so your playlist should start off mellow and slowly board the soul train. Figure two hours before you raise the roof.”
    • Optimizing your web site: “Italian comic Beppe Grillo broke into the Top 10 by setting his key points in boldface.”
    • Playing games: “Late at night is the best time to catch suburbanites and dorm geeks drunkenly parting with their cash.”
    • Improving your home movies: “If you’re starring in home porn, keep your ass off camera, particularly if it looks like mine.”
  • Working…
    • Being more productive: “Jot down every useful idea – shoulds, want-tos, and need-tos – whenever and wherever you think of them. Always keep pens and pads handy to take notes or you’ll resist the process.”
    • Securing your data: “If you feel like talking instead of working, talk to your boss. That counts as work no matter what you’re chatting about. The ideal topic of conversation is how poorly all of your coworkers are performing.”
    • Getting ahead: “Videotape yourself practicing the presentation. Note awkward body language, stilted movements, and annoying verbal tics. OK. Now stop doing that.”
    • Work smarter: “When all else fails, shout profanity”
    • Making work less hellish: “Always compliment his dog first, then his wife and kids. Like all fascist dictators, bosses have a greater intimacy with their pets than with their families.”
  • Living…
    • Getting healthier: “Fill your days with little doses of sugar, fat, sex, exercise, family, and friends and you’ll be content.”
    • Playing with food: “Diners squander valuable real estate by spreading salad alongside the entree. Get over your irrational feelings about different foods touching – it goes on top.”
    • Optimizing your digital life: “Keep usernames and passwords out of your will. They become public record after you croak.”
    • Pimping your ride: “If the grid goes down, connect the plugs, fire up the Prius, and feel the power.”
    • Saving the Earth: “His ‘BioWillie’ – and other vegetable-based fuels…”

Convinced? Go read the whole thing.

(Thanks to Lifehacker for pointing it out.)

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