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A few changes around here – hopefully for the better – let us know what you think in the comments…

  • A bit of a change to the look. We needed to split off some of the meta links, because we were starting to crowd out the main subject areas. The coloured bar along the top just sort of developed, but it didn’t look good with the old logo, so we replaced the logo. We kind of like it. The new bar along the top gives us a lot more space for all the PigPog-related stuff, so the subject links below can be kept clear. It seems to make it much easier to find stuff like Work and Geekery, which were starting to feel a bit hidden before.
  • Ask PigPog: an idea we played with before, but never really took off. Time to give it another chance. If you have any creativity-related questions that you think either we might be able to answer, or at least someone around here might, you can ask it here. Anyone who’s logged in can post questions there – just click on Ask PigPog, then Post new forum topic. If anyone else asks anything and you know the answer, please jump in and help.
  • Private Messaging. Makes it sound almost sordid, doesn’t it? No? Oh, it’s just me. Anyway. Now you can send messages to other PigPog users, which they’ll pick up when they next log in. When logged in, you should see a link on the right to my inbox, with a number beside it. If the number is anything other than zero, you’ve been sent a message. Click to read. To send messages, click the same link then use the Write a new message button, and enter the username of the person you want to message. Alternatively, on any post or comment, just click the link to write to author.

Any problems, or if you just have any thoughts on all this, let us know in the comments.