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Just bookmarking a few good photos that I may want to know about for later.

  • Bongoherbert’s Collection: Includes Rotring 600s and Newtons, a Parker 51, and a couple of others.
  • Rotring Newton Nib: Also from Bongoherbert – a close up of the nib on a Rotring Newton. Looks quite similar to the Lamy Safari nibs, though if anyone copied, I suspect Rotring were there first.
  • Constance Wiebrands’ Pens and Books: A set of photos including some shots of her collection. She’s got a Lamy 2000, though it doesn’t show up too well, and many other great pens.
  • Stompy’s Collection: Includes a Parker 51, a Mabie-Todd Blackbird from the 1930s, a Lamy Vista, and several others.