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What is it?

An ultra-thin gel ink pen. Cult Pens describes it as:

The G-Tec-C4 is an ultra-fine rollerball pen ideal for any application where fine, precise writing is required. Also suitable for detailed illustration, graphs and drawings. The 0.4mm rollerball writes a 0.2mm line of pure vivid gel colour without spreading – thanks to the high-tech bio-polymer ink. Available in ten colours.

Uses our customers tell us about include writing in diaries and journals; accounting; editing and proof-reading; annotations, especially bibles; cricket scoring; correcting navigation charts; filling out forms; and er.. marking up acupuncture.

All that – wrapped up in a good-looking crystal-clear barrel and the four best-selling colours are refillable!

Any good?

Yes, very good. Whilst not the most comfortable pen I’ve ever held, the G-Tec-C4 is a quality pen that produces a clean solid line without any blobs or smears. Works well on all the types of paper I’ve tried (moleskine, moleskine sketch, cartridge paper and regular copier paper) and all of the colours in the range are bright and strong. And as the most popular colours are refillable they’re good value too.


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