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It’s 1996 all over again as another curly-haired guitar god parts company with the band he helped turn into a worldwide phenomenon…

Krk Hammettson, now known simply as Michael Brandenburg, is the musical genius behind Beatallica, and was responsible for fusing Beatles melodies with Metallica riffs and serving them effortlessly behind the snarlingly-accurate vocals provided by his associate, Jaymz Lennfield.

The statement on Beatallica‘s official website, says:

Our lead player, Krk Hammettson, real name Michael Brandenburg, has announced to us that he is unable to perform live with Beatallica. He’s becoming quite a Renaissance man–now the Mr. Mom of 2 creative kids and has another on the way, due towards the end of September. He’s been weighing some options in his life and has come to the conclusion that it’s best to be home with the kiddies and their mom, whom some of you know as sk8raw on the Beatallica forum. With the band looking towards the future with many plans in store, it is possible you may see the former Krk popping up in some places, but it wont be as a live guitar player with Beatallica. He’s a close friend of ours and, much like our former bandmate Lee Bruso (Kliff), we’ve all played together, been in formal events together (tie excluded, please), and have literally grown up together. If there are ways Michael can be involved with the project, and it’s best for everyone’s time and families, then we would happily look to those days.

Family and community is a great thing. If there is one reason for Michael to not be able to give all the needed aspects to Beatallica, this is a damn good reason. He was a founding member of this oddball band. His creativity, along with the co-songwriting between him and Jaymz, is obviously something we’ll miss. You folks out there just should’ve been at some of the initial songwriting sessions…! We wish him and his family many blessings, much rock, and a raised pint.

We would like to wish Michael and his family all the best, too.

Maybe Beatallica should give Buckethead a call? I’m sure he’d look adorable in the “Sgt Hetfield’s” suit!

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