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I’ve just received my first two eBay purchases. Yes, I’ve been living on the Interweb for this long, and have never actually bought something through eBay. Until now.

Anyway, I’ve ‘won’ a few items, and the first two of them actually arrived today…

  • A Parker Jotter 50th Anniversary Gel Pen in purple, still new and boxed. I’m not sure what we’ll do with this one yet. So far, I haven’t opened it, so I might end up keeping it packaged as a ‘collectible’, rather than ripping it open to play with. We’ve already got one Parker Jotter lying around anyway (does anyone not have at least one Parker Jotter in the house? Somewhere? No? Yes, you do – it’s at the back of that drawer in the kitchen.) Bought from Bekx1980, delivered very quickly, packaged well in bubble wrap and padded envelope. Great eBayer, A++++++++, and all that. 🙂
  • A Parker 45 in Black. Yes, I’ve already got one in brushed steel, but this one was with a fine nib, and it’s the earlier model. The nib works really nicely. The fine writes a bit smaller, which is good for my pocket Filofax, and gives slightly more variation than the medium. The pen body isn’t as nice as the ‘Flighter’ finish, but not bad. I’ll probably end up swapping the nibs (they just screw out) and having a fine nibbed Flighter model instead. Might then sell the black one back on. Bought from darrener48. Again, really speedy delivery, and well packaged. The Tesco carrier bag doesn’t look great as a packaging material, but it works, and gives good protection inside a padded envelope.

I’ve got a whole load more things coming up. Some things are just low value items, that I’m buying more for the sake of building up some feedback and reputation than for really getting, and some batches of pens that I’m hoping we can clean up, test, and sell on for a profit. This part could go horribly wrong.

Anyone out there waiting for a PigPog Pen Shop?

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