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Blogger has been on the underpowered side for quite a while now, but they’ve finally started releasing some new features.

  • Categories for posts: sounds like they may be aiming more at tagging than at categories as such. If these are picked up by Technorati, as well as being an extra way to organise your content, it will be something a lot of people will like.
  • Privacy settings: so you can let some people read your blog, but not everybody. Other sites have had this for a long time, too. I’ve never really seen the point myself – if I didn’t want to make it pubic, I wouldn’t be blogging it – but some people like to use their blogs for online diaries for their friends and family to read, but not the rest of the world. Or maybe for friends to read but family to keep out (this means you, etc).
  • Easier customizing: as long as you still can fiddle with the code, this should make a nice addition for people who don’t want to learn HTML and CSS just to add a few extra bits to their sidebar.

It’s not exactly bringing them inline with what other platforms offer, but it should be enough to keep plenty of people using them, when teamed up with the right price – free.

We ran PigPog with a few Blogger blogs for a while, with a bit of PHP code to pull bits to the front page, so we’ve got a bit of a soft spot for them. If you’re getting started with blogging, and just want a nice free way to dip your toes in the water, it’s as good as anything else, and doesn’t cost you anything. They don’t offer any way of using your own domain directly, but you can set your blog up to post by FTP to your own server, so you could always pay for hosting somewhere else, and get Blogger to put your posts there.

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