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So this week I started working at the place that was sortakindapossiblymaybe going to become my first permanent job in a couple of years and an opportunity to get settled into something new and interesting.

I wonder if anyone was reading my post last week, thinking that it would be awful if I hated the place after all this and couldn’t stick it to the end of the week?

Because that’s what happened. The job was at a prison, and I stupidly assumed that the office I would be working in would be so far removed from the place where the prisoners were I would rarely see any of the inmates and wouldn’t have to have any contact with them. I was wrong.

I lasted three days.

After all that excitement, all that waiting and all that bother and I ended up hating it. So I’m temping again. On Monday I get to do all the wonderful first day newbie stuff all over again. I’m past caring. Really, I am. I wish I didn’t have to do any of this at all, but since I made a promise that I would be the half that goes out to work, I have to honour that commitment, as tedious and annoying as it is right now.

Someone’s gotta fund his eBay habit. And it ain’t going to be the cats.

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