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Originally posted by WomanoftheWorld:

You may not know that today is the birthday of a Prince! Although he doesn’t actually hold that title, he should, because this man is definitely rock n roll royalty! I’m talking about the one and only Robert Plant. Robert is celebrating his 58th today, and from the bottom of my heart I wish him a good one. He has made so many fans happy over the years with all his music, and not just when he was in Zeppelin – his solo stuff is out of this world too! And besides that, he is a super guy in every other way too – great personality, witty, charming…I saw him in Cork in July and let me say he is GORGEOUS! You still have it Robert!

So, join me and raise a glass to him today – thanks for the music Robert – have a very special day!

And what I just said about the bottom of my heart? Scratch that, because, for Robert Plant, my heart has no bottom!

Happy Birthday to HRH from all of us at Guitar Pr0n.