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Oh dear. Guitar solos…so much to squee over, so little time! Following on from Sam’s here are mine:

Slash on the Godfather theme

This song is sexy anyway, but give it to Slash and his Les Paul and you’ve got a really big squee on your hands…or ermm, in your ears! Don’t stand too close to the squee or you’ll be sorry!

Joe Perry on Sweet Emotion, live version – Aerosmith

Really cool and so wonderfully sexy. Actually the guitar work in the whole song is sexy stuff, but when Joey runs with it live it’s even better!

Marc Bolan on Get it On – T-Rex

This is one of the sexiest guitar pieces ever. It’s simple but it rocks, and I dare you to listen to it and not think about getting it on. A group called The Powerstation made a really good version of this in the 80’s too.

Jimi Hendrix on Voodoo Child

You can pick lots of things from Hendrix that are way over the top sexy, but this is one of my favorites.

David Gilmour on Comfortably Numb – Pink Floyd

This solo just soars…breathtaking!

Jimmy Page on…

practically everything he played, even tuning up! Oh yeah, listening to this man play is the guitar version of The Joy of Sex. Time would fail me to tell you of the delights of listening to him bow, use the slide, his powerful vibrating acoustic strumming, the whammy bar…yikes!! Just pick anything and I guarantee you the polish on your toenails will be cracking in no time. But these are my top dangerous Pagey squee moments:

  • Tea For One – AHHHH!!! This is supposed to be a sad song about missing your love, but all I think about is Jimmy, sweat dripping off that lush dark hair, dragon curling around his leg while he destroys me with this fire-breathing solo.

  • For Your Life – Here is Jimmy and his whammy bar, and just to add to the sexual deluge, Robert actually growls about two thirds of the way into the song! Beware girls, beware!

  • I’m Gonna Crawl – Jimmy kind of lays back at the beginning of this one, but don’t be fooled. When Robert sings, “Hit me,” Jimmy sure does hit you! What a solo, so emotional you feel like his guitar is crying. And you’ll be crying too from all that frenzied squee he builds up in you.

I could go on… Black Dog, Dazed and Confused, even Hats off to Roy Harper is super sexy delta blues slide. I’m done in! I think I need to go lie down…

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