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  • The Rule of Thirds: One of the most basic rules for composition, but worth remembering, and sometimes worth breaking.
  • Jodie Coston’s Online Photography Course on morgueFile is excellent, right from the very first bit of advice: “Get in close. No, closer. Nope, still closer. There! You’ve got it!”.
  • CameraHobby: A useful ebook, covering a number of areas of photography. Aimed mainly at beginners. The style is more friendly than professional, but I quite like that, and it feels like it’s being done in the spirit of sharing whilst learning, and being improved all the time. (Found via Lifehacker.)

Specific Situations

  • Party Photography: Lots of people do it. Badly, usually. The problem is that a party is actually a very difficult thing to photograph. Also covers photographing fireworks, which are a bit easier than people usually expect.

Lighting and Flash

I’ve never really got into using lighting to any great extent. I don’t usually even bother with a reflector, though I do have one now.

  • Strobist’s Lighting 101: an excellent resource on lighting – enough information to be useful even if you already do know a bit about it, but all taken steadily enough to be useful to those who have very little idea. I’m learning a lot from this site, though there’s a limit to how much of it I can use with my little Ixus 😉

Tools and Toys

  • Canon: I like Canons. I have a Canon, so I’m slightly biased here, but they make some of the best cameras around – they’re not cheap, but they’re worth the money.
  • Panasonic: I have a general rule with cameras: Never buy a digital camera from someone who never made film cameras. I might be willing to make an exception for Panasonic, but they seem to just miss the mark slightly every time. I still have high hopes for them, though, and if the little flaw in one of their cameras doesn’t affect you, they might be ideal.
  • Sony: Only the Cybershot DSC-H2 so far.

  • Digital Camera Batteries: A bit of info about the things that power all these flashy (heh) cameras.


Gear Projects

Making or modifying your gear…

Photo Projects

Post-photo Projects


  • Creativity Out There: Getting creative out and about, including some photography ideas.
  • Staten Island Boat Graveyard: Some wonderful pics if you’re like me and love shots of rust and decay.
  • Flickr is a great place to get some inspiration. Yes, there’s a whole lot of snapshots and some awful stuff, but there’s also some really great photographers sharing their best there. Pick through, and you’ll find some fantastic work.


Going Pro


  • The photography section in People.

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