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Alllrighty then… it’s time for me to have a squee… stand back, this could get messy.

That little Zep fella has had more than his fair share of squee thrown at him. To celebrate me finally getting my hands on a copy of Ain’t Life Grand, and just because it’s high time he had some more, it time for me to squee over the man that personifies everything that’s cool, sexy and downright fantastic about rock and effin roll. Yep, it’s his turn.

Slash! You half Brit hard rocking mound of loveliness… , everything about you is just perfect. You’re still the ultimate rock star. OMG! You are teh hottest! The greatest thing to happen to Stoke-on-Trent since the oatcake.

Oooo! Loookit that divine leather-clad bee-hind! Even he can’t leave it alone!


(did I do good WOTW?)