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Dear Blog,

I remember when I was very young taking trips into the big city. It was great fun. It was loud and colorful, and lots was always happening. We used to go and watch the new buildings going up on those shopping trips. We were amazed at how tall they got each time we saw them again. When I was older, I ate in the restaurant of those buildings, and took pictures of the skyline. Those buildings were the World Trade Towers. It seems so long ago now.

It’s five years today since that terrible day they came down. I know my country has made a lot of mistakes, and so many things have happened of which I am not proud. It’s been five long years, but today, to remember it all unfold on 9-11, to recall driving on the highway in New York and seeing the sign above the toll collection point that read, “All roads to New York City are closed, God Bless America,” it still hurts. And I tell you this, it always will…they are my people and I love them.