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Update3: Some final closure on this one – Jon’s notebook has been auctioned off for charity, and raised £1500! Congratulations, Jon!

Update2: Jon’s quest is over, and he captured 36 cows out of the 94 in Edinburgh. His other half got 80 of them, but a camera is a bit quicker than watercolour. Example – see Jon’s version and Katherine’s version of the Scottish Thistle cow.

Also, see the excellent melty cow in Basilica. That stick can’t be comfortable for the poor thing.

Update: It’s almost over, but instead, how about seeing Jon Nagl’s drawings of the cows? He’s trying to get around all the best ones, and draw them in watercolour, in his Moleskine Japanese Album. (Found via Moleskinerie.)

For photos of the cows, there’s also the Flickr tag for cow parade, with lots of pics.


Over in Edinburgh right now you can’t moove for cows (sorry), as they host the Cow Parade, a public art event featuring a massive herd of brightly coloured cows. The cows remain in the city until July 23rd, and in September, they will be auctioned off to raise money for VetAid and the OneCityTrust.

The Cow Parade travels around the world, and is next due to stop in Boston, Lisbon and Wisconsin.

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