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Latest Update: added some rather nice shelves on Instructables.

…and you will know us by the trail of the empties

[image:2372 size=small align=left]This is our latest acquisition from eBay. Purchased by Michael in the hope that it will divert my attention briefly from all the pens he’s buying. A picture of Slash carved into a Budweiser can.

  • Ten Green Modular Shelving – a surprisingly smart looking set of shelves made from wood and empty bottles.
  • ReadyMade Blog have a great article listing some of the crafty possibilities of the by-products of a good party. Why go to the bottle bank when you can turn that shiraz bottle into a snazzy new lamp?

I love it when people breathe new life into objects that would otherwise just be consigned to the bottle bank, or worse, the landfill. I once painted an empty whisky bottle in thick layers of black acrylic paint, which looked kinda cool, but I was short on ideas on what to do with it after that.

Any more crafty uses for empties out there? Let us know.

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