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They’re not quite business cards – they’re a bit too narrow. They’re not just printed photos, though – they have your contact details on the back. And they’re not as dull as such cards usually are – not only do you pick your own photos from Flickr to use, but you can use a different photo on every single card.

If you’re a Flickr Pro user, the deal is even better – they’ll print up ten cards for you, with a Flickr logo on the back along with your chosen info, for free. Including delivery anywhere in the world.

If you don’t have a Flickr Pro account, you’ll have to pay, but the prices seem pretty good – $20 for 100 cards, including delivery anywhere.

There’s even a Flickr pool set up to see what people are doing with their cards.

No idea about quality yet, but Little MOO, their Print Robot software just mailed me and said they’d be sent in the next few days. Certainly worth a go if you’re a Pro subscriber at Flickr, and an interesting idea even if you’re not.