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Advice from Total Guitar on how to sound like Slash when your budget is, er… duff. (sorry)

You’re not going to like this very much, we’re afraid. A Les Paul Standard will sting you for a good £2,200, while a couple of Alnico II Pro humbuckers will cost about £90 apiece. Admittedly, Slash did have a signature model created for him – but only 5- were ever made, of which Slash had two (one of which was nicked) and another recently went for $7000 at auction. Stop daydreaming, pal – it ain’t gonna happen.

Equally hard to find is Slash’s signature Marshall. Only 3000 were produced, and these days you’ve more chance of finding Richey Edwards. Fortunately, Slash’s trademark pedals are somewhat cheaper and easier to pin down. A Boss DD-6 Delay pedal will hit your wallet for £129, while a Boss GE-7 Equalizer is yours for about £65. Throw in a Dunlop Crybaby pedal for £110 and you’ve got all the effects bases covered (assuming you’re happy to settle for just the one wah pedal).

But what about the guitar and amp? Even if you’re on a tight budget, all is not necessarily lost. There are hundreds of Les Paul copies out there, which theoretically should get you near the Slashter’s tone – but such is the wildly varying quality that we recommend playing it safe and shelling out £599 for an Epiphone LP Standard. You’ll find cheaper copies than that, of course, but if you’re after a pro Slash tone, then you can’t afford to go much lower. For a cheap amp that deals well with G N’ R riffing, meanwhile, we’d advise stumping up £344 for the Marshall AVT50. Finally, Slash prefers Ernie Ball KPS 11s and Jim Dunlop Tortex 1.14mm picks.

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