PigPog and Cult Pens

Regular readers will probably have noticed that many of our pen reviews mention and link to Cult Pens. At first, we just happened to buy some pens there, and linked to them because we liked the pens and the shop. Soon, they started giving us a little discount on our purchases in return for the linking, then they started sending us a few freebies to try out (always disclosed in the review). Well, the relationship is about to change a bit more.

Things aren’t fully settled yet – there’s an office move that’s trying to happen alongside it all – but all being well, as of the end of December, we’ll be working at Cult Pens.

Moleskine City Books

Latest Update: The City Books should be in stores from the start of November – Moleskinerie has details of stockists in the US and Canada. Thanks, Armand!

There’s an interesting new announcement from MoleskineArt about the Moleskine City Book. It has an odd mix of features…

  • They’ll have some city information printed in them – maps, street indexes, etc.
  • Detachable sheets, much like some of the current models have.
  • Blank pages.
  • Translucent sheets for tracing – a quick way of copying a map, for example.
  • Adhesive labels.

European Cities, available later this year…

Everything Must GO!

UPDATE – The copy of Getting Things Done I had for sale is now sold. Sorry folks. But there’s plenty more to see!

In keeping with the spirit of the season, as the trees shed their leaves so must we shed books, CDs, DVDs, pens, electronics and all manner of unwanted hoo-haa. Yep, we’re having a much needed clearout of all of our stuff, and you, humble viewer, have the opportunity to obtain some of our once-treasured possessions!