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(This is more for the benefit of Bloglines themselves than for anyone else, but might be of interest to any other Bloglines users…)

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The recent changes at Bloglines look pretty damn good to me, on the whole – a couple of things could be improved…

  • As Josh mentioned, the ‘are you sure’ prompt when marking everything read is great – I’ve done that accidentally a couple of times, with over 2000 unread items, and just ended up losing everything. It doesn’t seem entirely reliable yet – I daren’t try it, but my wife has tried it a couple of times, and only got prompted once. There might just be a threshold before it kicks in, though – no point in warning you if you’re only going to be marking ten items read. An option to turn it off would probably be useful to some people, though – I imagine some people always read their feeds that way, and the prompt could get annoying. Even better would be an undo button so you can undo your last action – quickly unmarking the things you just marked read.
  • A minor thing, but it would help if the yellow highlights lasted longer – they appear to show you where new items have appeared, and are great, but they usually last just long enough to catch my attention, but not long enough to glance across and see what’s been updated.
  • A brief countdown to refresh could be helpful too – a few times, I’ve gone to click on a folder, just as an update has happened. If the update causes folders to appear that weren’t there before, I’ve ended up clicking on a different folder to the one I was pointing at. It used to be a very minor risk, but with the left pane refreshing itself more often now, it happens more. There’s the little ‘updating’ the flashes up at the bottom, but that’s quite quick, away from where you’re looking at the time, and on a slow connection can be a few seconds before the actual update happens, so hasn’t saved me every time.

The quick updating is much better, though, on balance, and the interface feels more immediate now. I still think it’s the best online reader (though I’ve not done much testing of Google Reader since their recent update), and the work they’re putting in is paying off. Glad to see Jeeves is looking after his aquisition 😉