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Latest Update: Added Splice – a sequencer you run in your browser – sounds like fun.

A collection of online gizmos for making and sharing music.

Online Collaboration

“Just plug any digital instrument – a MIDI-enabled keyboard, a MIDI-enabled guitar or MIDI-enabled bass, MIDI-enabled drums, or a MIDI-enabled wind-controller — into your PC or Mac computer, fire up the eJamming Station and we’re connecting you over the Internet to a whole world of musicians across town – or across the ocean. In Sync. In Real Time. Or in as close to real time as the laws of physics allow.”

Virtual Instruments/Music Toys

  • Splice sounds like a bit more than most online music toys – it’s a basic sequencer that runs in your browser, and you can even feed it your own sounds to mix. I’ve not had a play yet, but Music Thing seem impressed, and that’s good enough for me.
  • Desktop Blues – turn on the radio for the basic backing, then just click away to make music. It’s quite easy to make it sound surprisingly good. (Thanks to Thumbrella.)
  • Ken’s Virtual Drumkit – Get in touch with your inner Lars Ulrich with this fab virtual drumkit. Thanks, Darren!

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