Home :: Olympus Bring Smallest DSLR

Olympus are bringing out the smallest ever digital SLR. I’m sure a lot of people will say that it’s just too small. You need something to get hold of with an SLR, and this will have less than any other.

Still, I think there will be a lot of people who want something a bit smaller, and may even find most DSLRs a bit unweildy. I don’t think I personally would want a DSLR so small, but I’d guess there’s a market for it, and it’s good to see Olympus trying new things. Of course, it’s easier for them to try new things – they have a lot less market share to lose than Canon or Nikon have, but the incentive for the biggest players to avoid doing anything too different can be a real problem for them.

Unfortunately, there’s no information yet on the price – will that be smaller too, or will we have to pay for the shrinking? I don’t think the people who want small DSLRs aren’t going to be willing to pay extra for them, and Olympus seem to have a habit of making their cameras just a tiny bit too expensive to quite be compelling next to the competition – and they’ve got to be compelling to steal sales away from the bigger players.