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Dear Blog…

You know that spiral thing you get into sometimes? Did my Dear Diary tell you about that? I hope you two are talking because you need to know a few things that only the pen and paper version from the last 30 years can tell you!!

Yeah..the Spiral. One thing goes a little wrong, then another…then another…suddenly it is all a huge gigantic dark blob-like thing that is smothering you and nothing seems to fix it. That’s what is happening at the moment. The Spiral has come to get me! Ahhhh!!!!

What can you do about the Spiral? Well, you can hide, but like Prince Robert says, “There’s no use hiding in a corner ’cause that won’t change a thing.” Very true. You just get trapped in the corner and the Blob sits there staring you down. No good.

You can pretend it’s all fine. This can temporarily lighten the mood, but sadly, the Spiral Blob stays there waiting for you to drop your guard and it pounces! Also no good.

So, what to do? Well, talk to a friend about it. If you don’t have a friend that you can share things with, please get one. It does make things a lot better. Just be sure you can trust your friend because you may need to share things with them that make you seem like a nutter, and well, a real friend will love you anyway despite your nutty stuff.

Next I am going to concentrate on things that relax me. Things that I find fun – and my friend reminded me to do this – see how helpful they are? This will help because it’s not as simple as pretending everything is fine, it’s acknowledging that it isn’t but relaxing despite the blob-like Spiral. It’s a slightly different twist and works better. So what things do I find make me happy and help to relax me? Ummm…

  1. Laying under the stars with my favorite safe song playing. See, you can’t even see the Blob-like Spiral in the dark, and gazing at the twinkly stars listening to your song you feel one with the universe – no Sprial can hang around for that!
  2. Exercise until I can’t move. Sounds dreadful but working out reduces the stress drastically. You can beat up the Spiral while you work out and then it has to give up!
  3. The next time it rains – I’m out there! I love walking in the rain, splashing in the puddles, feeling it on my face. It’s so fresh and free and it melts the Blob!
  4. Go to the park and play! Swings are the best…they put me right up into the blue sky if I keep my eyes up, just like flying. The Spiral Blob can’t keep up, and hates the blue sky anyway!
  5. Sing. Get my favorite music out and sing. LOUD! Sing it all out. Songs that make me cry, songs that make me happy…just sing! Sometimes in the middle of singing I get a revelation and the Blob Spiral is doomed if I do! And I know Jimmy and Robert can BLAST ANY BLOB LIKE SPIRAL INTO OBLIVION! Trust me, they can.
  6. Do something nice for someone. So many people are so sad. They have big Blob Spirals that are a lot worse than mine, and sometimes no friend to tell, no way of getting free. Doing something sweet for them helps. Let someone in front of me in the line at the grocery store, bake a cake for the neighbor, make a traveling friendship basket and set it off on a journey. Blobs hate all this niceness and they shrink because the focus is off me and therefore, off it!
  7. Be spontaneous…I always wanted to go balance on the fence and walk along it, so lets’ do it! Want to change my look – do it! Just doing what I want is great! Spontaneous change throws the Spiral off balance!
  8. Walk by the sea. The sea is calming to me. I may have to drive a way to get to it, but that’s okay. When I do I feel free. Be sure to splash around in it too and collect shells and big gooey pieces of seaweed and build the best sand castle ever…cool!
  9. Build a fire. Sit by it with a drink you like (hot chocolate is good!) and stare into it and let your mind go where it wants. It’s a great way to think out a problem.
  10. Eat some really messy thing – chocolate pudding, toasted marshmellows (around your fire!) with melted chocolate on them smashed on a cookie…run down to the local fast food place, grab a junk food thing and go sit on the hood of your car somehwere to eat it. A little junk food is so much fun!

Okay…those are things I find fun and relaxing. I’ve got to get out there and do them…this Spiral Blob has got to go!!! Good luck with yours if you are reading this and have one of your own. It will go away – I promise! Oh and, don’t be afraid to cry. Go somewhere quiet and scream and cry. I do that too, it helps.

Chat later Dear Blog. 🙂