Update: Almost two years later, things didn’t work out for Sam, but I’m (pigpogm/Michael) still working at Cult Pens.  We’ve kept expanding, and it’s a lot of fun.  The move to Devon has been great for both of us.

Regular readers will probably have noticed that many of our pen reviews mention and link to Cult Pens. At first, we just happened to buy some pens there, and linked to them because we liked the pens and the shop. Soon, they started giving us a little discount on our purchases in return for the linking, then they started sending us a few freebies to try out (always disclosed in the review). Well, the relationship is about to change a bit more.

Things aren’t fully settled yet – there’s an office move that’s trying to happen alongside it all – but all being well, as of the end of December, we’ll be working at Cult Pens.

Yes, both of us.

They’re hoping to move into new offices in Tiverton, Devon, and will be needing some help when they do. Between now and then, we’ll be moving from Nottinghamshire to Tiverton, into a house we need to find and rent. We have a lot to do. Probably not as much as Simon and Amanda, though 😉

So, what does this mean for PigPog? Not all that much, we think. PigPog will still be our site. We’ll still review pens, but now we’ll have access to a lot more of them. We’ll probably be a bit short on time for a while, with the move and new jobs, but things should settle down soon. I’m sure Simon and Amanda won’t base our performance reviews and pay reviews on how positive our pen reviews are. You’ll have to decide for yourself if you still trust our opinion on pens once we’re selling them for a living, but we’ll still try to be honest about them – we don’t want to sell crap pens.

For us personally, this is going to be a huge change. We’ll be working together as well as living together, which should be fun (unlike some married couples, we like each other). We’ll be moving from here to Tiverton, renting a new house, buying some new furniture, and taking two cats on a four hour drive to some new territory. We’ll both be starting new jobs, and dealing with an office move at the same time.

Things we’ve been holding back on recently…

  • We had a trip to Tiverton a couple of weeks ago, and met up with Simon and Amanda for a cross between a meal out and a tag-team job interview. Much better odds than most interviews, though – two of us against two of them 😉
  • We’ve not reviewed any Cult Pens stuff, because it didn’t seem fair to post a review without mentioning that this was going on, but at the same time, we couldn’t really announce anything until it was a bit more settled.
  • The UK is getting official supply of the Pilot Capless Decimo – a thinner and lighter version of the Capless fountain pen. Cult Pens has the first stock in the UK, as an exclusive. We’ll be doing a review very soon. After reading lots about the Capless, I’m looking forward to getting to actually try one.

Oh, and we’ll still try to talk about things other than pens.