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Our trip to Tiverton this week was a success – we have found our new home, and all being well, we’ll be moving down to Devon early in December, and starting work at Cult Pens at the end.

After looking at a few places, we settled on an interesting looking flat that comes in nicely under budget. It has its problems, but has some really nice features too, and it’s a big change from where we are now. We’re currently in a two-bedroomed semi detached house on a modern housing estate. The place we’re going to is a two-bedroomed flat, at the top of a converted school, accessed by a metal staircase up the outside of the building.

We seem to have hit lucky with lettings agents, with Skye Lettings – they certainly came across as the most professional we dealt with, and the most keen to do business with us. They scored full points when we mentioned that we were going to see properties with some of their competitors, and Alex just wished us the best of luck with it, and hoped they’d have something better suited than the place we’d just seen with them (which wasn’t due to be ready by the time we wanted it).

Another stroke of luck is that the person who owns the flat is leaving the country for some time, and is happy to sell us much of his furniture and appliances – so we get most of the stuff we were going to have to buy new, for nice cheap prices, and we know it will fit in and look good too.

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