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Update: I’ve removed this now. It isn’t bad at all, but it did slow things down a bit, and after a few days, we hadn’t had a single conversation on it, so it was a bit of a waste of space. I still think it’s worth a go, though, if you’re in the market for such a thing.

After reading about it on TechCrunch, I’ve stuck a little chat box on the right side of PigPog, using InCircles. It’s similar to the Meebome thing we tried some time back, but where that just let you chat to me, this shares a chat session with everyone who’s on PigPog at the time. Which probably includes people who are more interesting than me.

Feel free to give it a go – just change your name at the bottom, then chat away with whoever happens to be around. If there’s nobody else around, you could probably talk to yourself, but you don’t really need IM for that.

If you’re reading this and there’s no ‘Chat’ box on the right from InCircles, it means that either you don’t have whatever version of Flash it needs, or we got bored with it and removed it.

If they could make it interact with other IM systems, so it could give me a nudge when someone appears on the page and tries to chat, without me having to sit with the page open all the time, that would be very cool. Maybe they could send notifications to an IM address somehow? Or even patch the whole chat session through to the IM client, so it could be used more like Meebome, but with the chat session shared between users still on the web site?

I did like Meebome a lot – it was kind of cute, watching in the online IM client, and seeing people coming and going on PigPog, and being able to talk to anyone live. Whenever I wasn’t sitting at a computer, with Firefox running and Meebo open, though, the thing was just wasted space – users couldn’t talk to each other on it, just to me.

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