As 2006 becomes 2007

Without a doubt, the highlight of this year for me as far as rock music goes has to be hearing from the Led Zep babes. John Paul Jones recently let it be known he has been enjoying himself with all his bluegrass and helping out other people with their albums, but it is GREAT to hear that he is still working on his own album. It has taken a while, but when you are getting something from him, you know it will be worth the wait! I adored both Zooma and Thunderthief, so I know I will love the new one. YES!!!

Preserving Digital Images

A nice article on Digital Shot on Preserving Digital Images. I tend to empty my SD cards by moving, not copying, the files to a network share on Sam’s machine, then very rarely delete anything at all. Edited stuff only tends to be kept temporarily, usually on its way up to Flickr.

It’s all very careless of me, though. I really should take the time out to get rid of completely worthless shots, and get the rest stored in some way that would make them findable again later.