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UPDATE – updated with all the changes at blueskystudio.

Blue is a full-time artist, surfer, Mac enthusiast and groovy spiritual being based in St Ives, Cornwall. We met Blue last year when we became members of The Drawing Club, and I became a big fan of her beautiful works of art, photography, calligraphy and visual haiku, which Blue describes as follows:

In a quiet moment before a painting session, I sit reading a favourite book, ‘Haiku’. Haiku are concise nature poems, a combination of brevity, technical discipline and expressive content. An analogy can be drawn to Chinese drawings, where a vast landscape may be evoked with a few brush strokes. The best haiku are subtle, indirect, but with a piercing clarity. I seek this in my paintings, and choose watermedia as a medium for direct expression.

This year, blue’s been concentrating more on photography, producing powerful landscape scenes and documenting coastal and off-road running in the Soul* Runnersâ„¢ collection. Now, she’s back with a breathtaking collection of art inspired by zen teachings, including enso and calligraphy.

A fabulous artist, a brilliant photographer, a groovy spirtual being and a good friend. Blue is good people. Go check her out.

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