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[image:2534size=original] For me, Joe has all the requirements of squeedom – he plays damn fine guitar! No, let me rephrase that – he plays f*****g great guitar! He is blues at heart, he was jamming with BB King when he was 13, he is also rock, he excels equally on acoustic and electric – he is f*****g great. He is, to me, the best new guitar player I’ve heard this year. When I complete my Top Ten Guitar Moments (Real Soon Now, honest!), he’ll be there. I’ve heard 2 studio albums and 2 live shows (available if you want them – email)I’ve seen videos (official releases like The Rockpalast, and I’ve got a privately shot video too.) I missed his recent tour – I was gigging myself – but he was, I am told, stunning. He has been known, too, to whip out a Zep tune now and again. And for those interested in such things, apparently he is quite nice to look at too.

Find out more and download some free tunes and videos at Joe’s website: http://www.jbonamassa.com/index2.htm

and there is a fanblog too with lots of info: http://bonamassablog.us/ – they even link to me!

Do yourself a favour – go there now and check him out.

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