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When you’ve got broadband, one of the most wonderful things around is Google Earth. They pick up some relevant photos, but not from Flickr. The only photo sharing site I actually use is Flickr. Just as I was thinking how great it would be if the two came together, O’Reilly blogged about Google Earth, and mentioned a way of doing the exact thing. Go to MetalToad Media, and click the link to add the feed to Google Earth. Any photos in the area you’re looking at will appear as red dots.

To tag your own photos in Flickr (I hadn’t tried until now), open the Flickr Organizr, click the map tab, and drag your photos from the bottom up to where they belong on the map. Just drag the map around and zoom to where they need to go, then drag them so the blue dot is on the spot. When you view the area in Google Earth, your photos should appear, along with those of anyone else.