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In January 2004, Michael and I decided to stop drinking. We did this for many reasons, and have since enjoyed the benefits that a life of sobriety can bring, namely a bigger bank balance and hangover-free mornings.

However, as our new life in Devon sees us finally living like grownups, we decided tonight to toast our move with a glass of wine. So what does the hit of lady liquor feel like after nearly 3 years of abstinence?

Absolutely bloody lovely, that’s what.

Now we are relatively safe from slipping back into the old habits that inspired us to give up in the first place, it’s nice to experience that warm soothing inner glow from a nice chardonnay. Yum. We’re not going to become boozehounds this time, ohhh no, this time we will be appreciating fine wine. Just keep the whisky far, far, far away from me.

Cheers! Anyone up for a wine and cheese party? 🙂