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One of the highlights of my year has been joining the happy drooling little group that calls itself Slashaholics Anonymous, and getting to know my fellow ‘aholics. We’re a talented bunch, in particular the lovely Kaasica, who is well-known for her ‘mini-movies’… animated screengrabs. This one was made for me to use as a signature in Slashaholics’ original home on the VR forum… until we were moved on for drooling about the place and making the floor all slippy (or something).

I thought I’d share this gif as a way of thanking Kaasica and the other Slashaholics for being such good pals this year. Here’s to many more fun times in our little corner of the internet.

And Slash, in case you’re watching (hehe – er… hi… yeah… um… you have real purdy hair), it may interest you to know that your fans – yeah, the drooling girlies – are the nicest people. You should be proud that so many good friendships have been forged among those of us who, well, come over all unnecessary when we watch you play.

Merry Christmas to all my Slashaholic friends.