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UPDATE – Added Violet Blue‘s recent interview with the author of Naughty Needles

WARNING – Just about everything on this page will almost certainly be NSFW. Proceed with care. Thank you.

Violet Blue Says “MAKE:dirty”

The utterly gorgeous Violet Blue wrote recently about MAKE::

Maybe I’m in the minority of people who read the MAKE blog and get hot under the ruffle-butt panties. I’m just saying that us sex-positive, orgasm-seeking makers have been busy getting off better by modding our toys and our sex lives for a while now.

And why not? Creativity anywhere includes the bedroom…

Here are some of the links Violet recommends for a bit of home-made fun, along with a couple I’ve found along the way:

Not into pain? Maybe you’d prefer to knit your own lingerie…

That’s it for now, but I’ll add more if and when I find bits. Should be a fun one to research, eh Michael? Michael? Uh-oh, he’s got the gaffer tape…