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With moving into a new place, and replacing most of our stuff at the same time, we’ve been buying a fair few Tesco Value things – some good, some less so…

Tesco Value Vacuum Cleaner

Surprisingly good. Permanent bag, very low capacity. Won’t do a lot of cleaning before needing emptying, but apart from that, it’s not at all bad. Reasonably powerful, has a brush and ‘crevice tool’ hidden away inside it, and the cable retracts itself at the push of a button. Decent quality wheels, too. For just over £17, it’s a real bargain. If you don’t have a lot of floor area, it should do just fine.

Tesco Value Frying Pan

A bit crap. The bottom flexed to a curve on the first use, so it just spins around on the halogen hob, and the non-stick isn’t very non-stick. We spent the extra soon after and bought the same Tefal non-stick wok we had long ago. We know it’s good, it works well on the halogen hob we have now, and it can be used for all sorts of things, not just stir-frying. Worth spending more and avoiding the Value pans, I think.

Tesco Value Plastic Slice

Fish slice, flipper, whatever you want to call it, it was cheap and not very good. Would probably be ok, if you weren’t going to use it for frying. The plastic melted and went manky after a couple of uses. Again, we spent the extra, and got a decent one soon after. Only around £3 for a decent Tesco-branded one, but I’d avoid the Value ones.

Tesco Value Clock Radio

Good clear LED clock, and the radio works well. The buttons are nice and ‘clicky’, and the styling is even quite good. We’re impressed.

Cost under £4, too.

Tesco Value Electric Fan Heater

Can’t complain – less than £10, looks good, and works well. Nothing like as good as the one we have in the bedroom, but certainly good for the money.

Tesco Value Shoulder Bag

Sam bought this one – not a bad little bag at all, for very little money. Took a bit of spraying to make it smell ok, though.

Tesco Value Bathroom Bits

Soap dish and cup, plastic. Not much to say to them, they work.

Mostly reasonably good, but I think we’ll pay a little more for the cookware in future, though.