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2006 has been one of those years where it’s tempting to borrow a line from the great thespian, philosopher and thinker Keanu Reeves


So, on with the list…

People of the Year

  • WomanoftheWorld – for introducing me to Led Zeppelin and the fine art of squee.
  • blue – for filling my year with beautiful art.
  • Simon and Amanda Walker – for giving us the opportunity to start a new life in Devon.
  • LadyMercury – for being a fun new pal and entertaining me with her amusing writing an’ that.
  • Jacqueline Kilpatrick – for another year of friendship and free therapy. Missing you already!
  • Emma Barnes – the best *pimp in the business.
  • Michael Randall – for love, for friendship, for finally getting round to proposing.

* PIMP – Temporary employment consultant type person. Not the kind you’re thinking of, you mucky devil.

Music of the Year

  • Houses of the Holy – Led Zeppelin – the best mix of musical styles since The White Album. We may never know what happened to that confounded bridge.
  • Ain’t Life Grand – Slash’s Snakepit – everybody shi-i-i-i-ine! And then watch me turn into a gibbering heap of squee during the solo in Serial Killer.
  • Led Zeppelin I, II, II & IV – Zep pwnd this year as far as music is concerned. What took me so long? Well, I guess it would have something to do with the fact that a) for years the only music I listened to was what was on Top of the Pops and b) Led Zeppelin were never on Top of the Pops.
  • Love – The Beatles – George Martin is a genius. This compilation is amazing!
  • The Butterfly Meditations – Michael Brandenburg – our beautiful wedding music. Thank you Michael.

Events of the Year

  • The Wedding! – I’m married! To this fella! [image:2564 size=original]
  • College Course – Michael and I completed the Introduction to Delivering Learning course, which now means we will be qualified to teach workshops and adult education courses.
  • Moving to Devon – of all the unexpected events of the year, this was the most surprising. An email conversation became an informal interview, the informal interview became a move to… *looks out of window* …wow… this place is amazing.

Suppliers of the Year

Money has been a little on the tight side this year, so there hasn’t been much creative spending going on. However, it seems only fair to mention…

  • Cult Pens – We like them so much, we’re going to go work there. It’s a sortofakindofa low budget Victor Kiam thing.

Tools of the Year

  • Fountain Pens – it’s just a big inky lurve thing ’round these parts nowadays.
  • My journal – I’ve finally got the hang of this journalling lark, I think.
  • Filofax – I nabbed one of Michael’s cast-offs to use as a diary, temporary journal and general scribbling space.

Hopes for the Coming Year

  • Staying in Devon – I hope this new venture goes well for all involved, but particularly hopeful that we get to stay here.
  • Health and Happiness – it’s a cliche, but never mind.
  • A Creative Revival – I kind of lost my artistic way during 2006, I hope to get it back over the coming year.
  • More Surprising Twists and Turns – this year’s curve balls were fun! More please!
  • Certain bands get their next albums out pronto – you know who you are. Get on with it. You don’t want a Blur/Oasis style face-off with your old boss now, do you? 😉
  • We get to sell our old house – and profit! £££!

Thanks to everyone who made this year so interesting! I hope next year will be just as much fun.

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