Guitar World ranks Mr Yummy Page (or Jimmy ) at #1

Image Hosted by The top two – Pagey and Eddie Van Halen!

Okay. I realize these “Top Whatever” lists are a bit pointless because everyone will disagree with them and get mad and say horrible things about the guitarists they don’t like, but come on now – don’t be grumpy! This list is fun. So no matter what order you think they ought to be in, or who you think is there that shouldn’t be, or who isn’t that should, try and forget all that and just listen to some juicy guitar solos. These men rock. Totally. Of course I agree with the number one choice, but I think Pagey Doll ought to be 1-20, so never mind me….;)

From My Music Collection: Guitarists You Should Check Out – Justin Adams

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting I have a passion for great guitar playing, and great music in general! Jimmy Page made sure of that. Because Jimmy and Robert had such impact on me, when I was young I started exploring the music they liked and found I loved a lot of it too. They opened up another whole world of musical inspiration for me. If you have never ventured far from your usual favorites, I am going suggest some things that you should listen to from my music collection. You may not like all of it, but have a go. So many people have such a limited musical sheet!